Mr.Farhan Mohsin – Sales Manager Of AESTHETIC CARE (PVT) LTD.

July 12, 2020 By sumcosmetics 230

Farhan Mohsin works in Aesthetic Care (PVT) Ltd in operations & Sales department. He provides seamless administrative and logistical support through his energy, attention to detail, and sense of responsibility.
He enjoys taking on new challenges. In addition to his regular responsibilities, he is managing Aesthetic Care (PVT) Ltd public events as program coordinator. In this regard, he schedules, plans, markets, and organizes training programs nationwide, exceptionally well.
Farhan is a competent member of Aesthetic Care (PVT) Ltd operations team. Farhan’s sense of ownership and commitment to delivering on deadlines makes him a valuable player. Training sessions, consulting projects or production of training videos involve plenty of spadework and preparation. He ensures that the required materials are organized and made available to ensure success of assignments.

He enjoys the friendly working atmosphere and cooperation at Aesthetic Care (PVT) Ltd and feels encouraged to perform at his best with enthusiasm. Farhan brings with him extensive Sales/Customer Services operations, training & development and team management experience spanning over a period of 14 years. He is very fond of playing cricket and plays from a club as well. Farhan is married and lives with wife and parents in Karachi.