Mr.Naseer Shah – Director Of AESTHETIC CARE (PVT) LTD.

July 12, 2020 By sumcosmetics 45

Mr. Naseer Shah, Director Aesthetic Care (PVT) Ltd

Naseer Shah has obtained his MBA degree from the Preston University, where he majored inMarketing where he achieved First Position and awarded with Gold Medal. Naseer Shah is a habitual entrepreneur. In short he is a catalyst for change. He specializes in unleashing human genius through leadership, creativity and change management initiatives as a well-known inspirational speaker. His energy and passion to excel is contagious and viral that help individuals and their vision to flourish. Naseer Shah facilitates learning programs for the government institutes, corporate sector, non-profits and youth to enhance their managerial and leadership effectiveness, covering inspirational and visionary leadership; out-of-box thinking; change leadership; team performance; mentoring & coaching for excellence.

Initially worked as research consultant and trainer in MAB Paradigm and worked in EU research project PAVNA. He has worked as research consultant in DHA and did sort managerial analysis. He was the part of launch of loyalty cards project initiated by PSO. Naseer Shah was also a part of DIN Group as Divisional Manager and worked in pre-launch setup of Din Channel. Developed his skills while working in Lakson Group of Companies as Merchandising Manager and was active member in launching team of Wembley Cigarettes. Recently working with Kays Group as the head of Marketing RD and OD department since last seven year where he focuses on personal & team development through areas like interpersonal skills, entrepreneurial spirit, sales, transformational leadership, overall strategic planning & dealing effectively with the future.

Over the past ten years Naseer Shah has developed many branded training products that can be customized to meet specific requirements of organizations. As a practitioner of appreciative inquiry to get results, he is renowned for facilitating strategic meetings for senior management and leadership teams. He has created a large clientele following through hard work and dedication. He, and his talented team of Salon Management Trainers, has what it takes to make this venture an extremely successful one. Mr. Naseer Shah has trained thousands of students enrolled in various institutes and has designed and customized value adding interventions for organizations like Vocational Training Centers (Govt. of Pakistan), World Memon Foundation, Kaka Bawany Foundation, under Professional Development Series of Salon Management. He has performed a detailed quantitative research on Culinary Arts for VTI North Karachi and the report has been successfully approved the government executives and course has been implemented accordingly.

Along with providing training through Sum Consultancy and has developed and conducted training courses for government and industry in the areas of professional and career development, program management, acquisition management, contract administration and security management. He has over seven years of experience in the development, management and presentation of training programs and courses. He has authored numerous training manuals for the Federal Government as well for Provincial Government. He has presented countless seminars and training courses across the country with most of his business resulting from personal referrals and long-term clients. Having trained such a large number and wide variety of professionals from so many organizations, Naseer Shah is able to deliver high-quality instruction to diverse audiences. His dynamic personality and expertise command student interest and involvement.

Kay鈥檚 and Sum鈥檚 product lines have launched, introduce, marketed and sell by Mr. Naseer Shah. He seemingly put his efforts for the mass penetration of Kay鈥檚 and Sum鈥檚 products nationwide. Now in the millennial era Mr. Naseer Shah has introduced digitalization in the company in accounts, marketing and selling department.

On a personal level Naseer Shah is a passionate musician and an enthusiastic to listen to different kinds of music including sufi songs, ghazals, and rock n roll and he is Bollywood Movie fan. Reading fiction, history, and politics are amongst his other interests. His prime inspiration comes from his mother. He admires spirituality, and believes in putting motivation into motion that delivers. Naseer Shah is married and lives with his family in Karachi.