Mr.Syed Saifuddin (C.E.O & Founder Of Aesthetic Care (Pvt) Ltd. & Sum’s Cosmetics.

July 12, 2020 By sumcosmetics 222

He completed his Bachelors in Science from University of Karachi after which he   pursue a Master’s Degree in History from the University of Karachi. He has also attained Computer Diploma from Petromen Institute and availed Marketing Course Diploma from IBA Karachi.

Before taking on his role in Aesthetic Care (PVT) Ltd he is a part of the team Kay’s Chemist Karachi, Pakistan since 1992 till Present where he is responsible for Products Development and Formulation as Director.

Syed Saif is an experienced and enthusiastic professional with analytical & consultative selling approach; established in sales, networking, training, supervising and motivating staff. He has earned the credibility of serving as a catalyst for successful manufacturer, operations, sales, and customer services and people management initiatives. With a mission to bring about a positive change within organizations that allow teams to exceed their goals with energy and efficiency, Syed Saif continues to learn in-depth about the human behavior and how it can be leveraged positively in everyday life.

In addition to team-building, his offerings include: Selling Skills, Self Branding, Leadership & People Management, Negotiation & Influencing strategies, Client Relations, Communication & Presentation Skills. Syed Saif’s proactive attitude and an ability to think laterally strengthen his professional disposition.

Syed Saif has a wide variety of experiences in the business and corporate world starting at quite an early age. He was involved in the family cosmetology business, where he learned about the skin care industry and the business culture in local organizations in Pakistan. His love for the field of training and development brought him to where he is today. He enjoys dealing with organizational people and challenges. He is an advocate of in-depth cultural development, and turning organizations into amazing places to work in. He is convinced that each individual has the intrinsic potential to change for the better, and is unrelenting in his pursuit of the same.

Syed Saif is a person with a deep thirst for learning and continuous improvement. He is an avid musician who plays many instruments. He is a skilled presenter, with a knack for public speaking, and enjoys being a catalyst for positive change. He is a firm believer in the power of the human mind, and considers it his duty to inspire humans to really use their brains and think. He believes one should do something every day that takes them out of their comfort zone.

He started giving his input in the different departments of this company built by his fore fathers, and later on he had proved that he is a great assistance and support to his maternal uncle Khawaja Mohammad Iqbal (Late)(C.E.O. Kay’s) who was Syed Saif’s true mentor. Syed Saif is more interested in Research & Development department where he worked for different products and started manufacturing and developing certain cosmetics which are favorable according to the geographical condition, skin texture and demographic condition of Pakistan. His professional accomplishments are of 20 years’ experience of cosmetic manufacturing, making creams, emulsions, shampoos, cleansers, waxes, facial bleaches and extracting herbs and their usage. His raw material awareness is very well regarding its quality chemical composition and hazard awareness. Syed Saif has increased the company productivity by using cutting edge technology and making Kay’s ISO certified and implemented ISO 9001-2008 standards in Product Formulation, Product Designing, Product Development , Designing Herbal Products, Formulation of New Products. According to his specialization and flair he has established “Kay’s Institute of Research & Development “KIRD” & ‘Beauty Biz Institute of Cosmetic Sciences (BBCS)” for research. It is developed in order to understand how to make better use of newly researched and developed products, teach Cosmetology and show practical demonstration respectively. Syed Saif’s prime interest is to provide utmost knowledge about their products to the beauty therapist. For achieving this purpose the institution always organizes different tutorials and workshops under the supervision and training of Mr. Saif. Such events facilitate beauty therapists and students of vocational institutes respectively. These detailed sessions are organized to inculcate their passion and thirst for best knowledge about Kay’s Products guided by Mr. Saif. He has formulated a factory regarding cosmetology products in Export Promotion Zone in Karachi and is a member of C.M.C. in VTI North Karachi.

Syed Saif likes to sings different ghazals specially loves to sing Alamgir songs and listens to different kinds of music including sufi songs and ghazals. He started playing the electrical keyboard as a kid, and still occasionally plays the instrument as a recreational activity. He is fond of exploring new restaurants in the city and loves cooking as well.

He is happily married and lives with his family in Karachi.