Peerzada Syed Naseem uddin Naseeri – Head of Research and Development

July 12, 2020 By sumcosmetics 25

Peerzada Syed Naseem uddin Naseeri has diverse work experiences in teaching, Lab management and working in unionized academic and nonacademic institutions involving work with various stakeholders and served as Government officer for several years till retirement.

Peerzada Syed Naseem uddin Naseeri did his Masters in Chemistry in 1960s from University of Karachi. Then He Joined Kay Chemist under the supervision of his maternal uncle Khawaja Islam as research and developer. He also worked in KMC food laboratory.

He passed Public Services Commission and joined as a food analyst in Health Department under government of Sindh. He also served as a chemical examiner in forensic department. Then he promoted as food laboratory in charge in Rohri Sindh and retired as gazetted officer and again joined Kay Chemist in R & D department and serving till date.

He served in PCSIR, and written many articles and did research work on artificial irrigation, water treatment, food analysis, liquid gold etc.

He is achievement oriented and handled stressful and problematic situations well. Having excellent communication skills, he is dynamic, adaptable and eager to learn. As an individual, he has taken initiatives creating change.

He has a thorough command on his subject of interest and others responsibilities. He has proven to be a charge person who is able to successfully develop plans and implement them. As an excellent team player, he is cooperative, enthusiastic and well committed.

With excellent research and analytical skills, he has worked in the diagnosis and understanding of organizational issues; creation, implementation and management of significant organizational change.

Following are the additional skilks acquired by him:

  • The capacity to undertake fine, analytical, painstaking work with exceptional attention to detail.
  • A logical, unbiased and methodical approach to problem solving.
  • A persistent approach and enquiring mind.
  • The ability to work well in a team, as well as independently.
  • Strong written and oral communication skills and the ability to communicate scientific information to non-experts.
  • The ability to work to deadlines
  • Good colour and smell vision.

Mr. Naseem is currently associated in R&D department in Aesthetic Care Pvt. Ltd.  He has conducted qualitative and quantitative experiments on chemical substances to ensure quality control or develop new products or knowledge. He has performed a variety of tests and used different techniques to conduct experiments on organic and inorganic compounds.

His inclinations towards Sufism is due to his family rooting and associated with Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya RA and Hazrat Naseer uddin Roshan Chirgh Delhvi RA.  He is strongly following the footsteps of his fore fathers.

He is passionate to listen K.L. Sehgal and Kanan Devi songs from 1930s and watch old Bollywood and James Bond movies.