Rose Water Benefits For Skin

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written by: Syed Saifuddin (CEO Aesthetic Care (Pvt) Ltd.)

Rose Water also known, are aqueous products of hydro distillation, Rose water, rose hydrosol, rose distillates, rose floral waters,  rose hydrolytes, rose herbal water, rose essential waters.

These herbal distillates have uses as flavorings and cosmetics (skin care). Popular herbal distillates for skincare include rose water, orange flower water, and witch hazel. 

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Religious uses

Rose water is used in the religious ceremonies of  
Baháʼí Faith,

Cosmetic uses

Cosmetics and toiletries makers are finding many uses for herbal distillates. Distillates are also used as flavorings and curable. Herbal distillates have been used historically as a topical agent for cosmetics and medicinal use. Since herbal distillates are less concentrated than essential oils, they are more suitable for some situations, such as for the use of those who are sensitive, such as the elderly or young children.

In medieval Europe, rose water was used to wash hands at a meal table during feasts. Rose water is a usual component of perfume. A rose water ointment is occasionally used as an emollient, and rose water is sometimes used in cosmetics such as cold creams, toners and face wash. Its anti-inflammatory properties make it a good tool against skin disorders such as Rosacea and eczema.

Some people in India also use rose water as a spray applied directly to the face as a perfume and moisturizer.

Rose extract contains more than 100 different compounds, some of which are believed to have antiseptic properties. Rose distillate (also known as rose water) reduces inflammation, by suppressing the growth of certain types of bacteria.

Rose distillate has mild astringent properties, therefore can be used as a toner for oily skin, prone to acne. Rose water refreshes the skin, without stripping it of its natural oils (a common problem with alcohol-containing toners).

 rose distillate are rich in antioxidants – molecules that protect the cells from oxidative stress and help your skin stay youthful and healthy. Rose water is also rich in vitamins and minerals that play a key role in the synthesis of collagen and elastin. 

Only a few spritzes of rose water are enough to restore comfort and calm the skin when it’s red and irritated. Apart from that, the divine smell of roses relaxes the mind and reduces anxiety – 

Rose water can have strong antidepressant and antianxiety properties. A 2011 study Trusted Source found that the extract of rose petals can relax the central nervous system in mice. This resulted in antidepressant and antianxiety effects. The nourishing and moisturizing properties of rose water enhance the quality of hair. It is known to treat mild scalp inflammations and get rid of dandruff. Rosewater works wonders as a natural conditioner and revitalizes hair growth.

 The scent of rose water on your pillow also helps you sleep better after a long day, making you wake up refreshed.
. It also helps aging skin, keeping fine lines and wrinkles at bay.

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